We have broken ground for phase 1 of the building project! Silt fence to prevent erosion is in place all over the property. Heavy equipment has been delivered, and the driveway has been cut into the hillside bank of the road. We are thrilled to see dirt moving from one side of the property to the other. Much of the dirt removed to create a foundation for the church and a level plane for the parking lot, will be used to raise the elevation of cemeteries, and to install a stormwater management pond. This repurposing of soil means minimal expense in removing it, and a faster process for the site work that is being accomplished.

Surveyor stakes are in the ground and heavy equipment for site work and digging is being shifted to the property in the coming weeks. Phase I is what we’re calling the construction of the interim sanctuary and the admin wing of the cathedral. We are moving now to break ground within the month of April and greatly anticipate the shifting of dirt. What we have done is take part of the original first phase of building and part of the second phase of the original plans and submit them as a phase 1 interim option for use immediately upon construction. This plan will begin the entire site work project of moving dirt, cutting into the bank along Grafton Shop Rd., digging the foundations, parking lot, stormwater runoff pond, and cemetery grounds. This work alone comes at substantial cost and effort and is an enormous undertaking. Then comes the construction of the interim sanctuary, admin wing, interim nursery, classrooms, fellowship space, patio, and church grounds. This sanctuary will be a 170-seat consecrated space for worship and will serve until the completion of the main sanctuary, steeple, lower levels, and more. This space will house a lower level fellowship space, walkout classrooms, etc. After selling our Bel Air property we have been faced with the need for nearly immediate space and rather than renting commercial property or building out another facility, we are excited to be rapidly approaching the new grounds and every dollar we spend will go toward the entire project. We look forward to the opening of the two cemeteries and all that that means for the community at large and for the cathedral in it’s next chapter.


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