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  • February 20, 2020 - 12:00 am


A christian is a little Christ. To be this means to be everything He was: Leader, Servant, Sacrifice, King. Going forward with that knowledge, questions bombard us. “How do I lead?” “How to organize?!” “How can every man lead?” “Who do I lead?”

To answer these questions and leave each man with a practical next step is guest speaker Father Terry Gensemer. Longtime leader of CEC for Life, Rector of Church of the Reconciler in Selma, AL, protester, and international conference speaker.

Come and catch the vision!

NOTES: this year the venue is under new mgmt. There will be only 5 meals beginning Thursday’s dinner. The meals will  be catered by an outside company, and the cost is now $230 per man. That covers room, board, and of course snacks.

To signup, confer with your parish’s coordinator or contact us directly at